Economic Justice Speaker Series

Spring 2015

All presentations will take place in room L2.84 during community hour.

February 23rd Doug Henwood. “USA Today: A Tale of Polarization and Rot”

March 5th David Kotz, “The Rise and Fall of Neoliberal Capitalism”

March 18th Scott Carter, “Sraffa 101: An introductory exposition of
the Political Economy of Piero Sraffa in light of Archival Evidence
(with reflections on method and pedagogy)”

March 19th Gerald Friedman “Beyond Obamacare: Healthcare not
Health Insurance”

March 26th Lenore Palladino “Towards Economic Democracy”

April 30th Yahya M. Madra “Neoliberal Turn in Economics” (in Rm 3317 North Hall)

May 5 (Updated Date) Christine D’Onofrio “Poverty and Policy: New Data from
New York City’s Alternative Poverty Measure”

Fall 2014

Sept. 22 (Monday) in room L2.85: journalist Liza Featherstone. “Where the Real People Are: How Focus Groups Helped  Twentieth-Century Elites Manage Democracy” (video)

Oct. 6 (Monday) in room L2.85: political scientist Manuel S. Almeida. “Approaching the Conundrum that is Puerto Rico: Crisis, Political Culture, New Discourses”

Oct. 23 (Thursday) in room L2.85: economist Jessica Gordon Nembhard, on her latest book “Collective Courage: A History of African American Cooperative Thought and Practice” (2014).

Nov 19 (Wednesday) in room L2.85: Dialogue between Marxist and Post-Keynesian
schools of thought, with Paul Cooney (Universidade Federal do Para-Brazil) and Matías Vernengo (Bucknell University). This event is co-sponsored by the Union of Radical Political Economists.  Julio Huato of St. Francis College will moderate the event.